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In the era of artificial intelligence, homosapiens are losing their connection with nature and developing their relationship with bots and AI. In the history, no mammals has scanned or medicate itself to ensure its pregnancy except civilized humans. Civilization has made us that inefficient as we are becoming incapable to keep our own senses aware of our own body.

That little soul in your womb has no idea on outer world but safely sustaining its purity by having a soulful connection with you, mother. Make sure that you are giving the best and purest to your creation. 100 billion nerve cells, 79 organs, 60 chemical elements and many of your body is creating a life with the best seed of your man within 10 months. Are you aware of this ?? You are more than a pregnant woman. You couples are life makers now.

The ancient saints of southern india have left us a boon of natural intelligence to handle anything at ease. From the handcrafted scripts of ancient scientists of ancient india, our certified experts will guide you the way to feel life as it is without any distortion. Get nutritious diet plan, yogic practices, simple exercises, self governed mind therapies and more life enriching suggestions to build up your family’s healthy and blissful well being at your doorstep.

Welcome to laymancare of healthy mothers and adorable infants !


simple yoga poses to maintain the balanced mind-body configuration

Diet plan

healthy and nutritious diet chart to regain the various categories of imbalances of the body at affordable cost


simple exercises and natural remedies from certified experts

Let’s refresh and regain life