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Layman school of intellectualism

The finest classroom to ignite intellectualism and balance emotions.

Hey parents,

A child is considered to be the most curious and the innocent human being.  He/she approaches life simply with openness attempting to gain knowledge in whatever he/she encounters. Kids usually think and reason out in a plain way.  They spin around objects and events. 

But a flowering teen between 12 and 18 do abstract thinking.  It’s a bit complex.  They develop perceptions in viewing life.  They attempt in building their own identity, question and analyse who they are and what’s happening, examine things, expand relationships, do rational thinking and emotional balancing.  Not simple, isn’t it?

Many parents unknowingly limit the child’s capabilities and skills within a term – academics.  And also times have changed.  ‘Like, share and comment’ has become a chanting mantra.  Everyone especially the growing kids are amiable with technological companions.  Concealed faces, unsure relationships, untold stories, mysteries, darkness, anxiety, intolerance are piling up their minds day by day.  There is no time for nature, real time interactions, self evaluation and awareness, life lessons and building character traits.

Layman school of intellectualism offers the finest programmes where your child acquires positive and healthy cognitive growth both mentally and physically. We do it by teaching them simple methodologies and bring out their full range potentials.  We help them in setting goals and encourage them to independently think, develop and implement their ideas in achieving the goal.  Through this they develop their ability to analyse and solve obstacles they face in their real world.  Thus acquire skills and finally realize their own self.

It’s undeniably our responsibility to leave an earth-friendly fine generation for the sake of recreating peaceful mankind.