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Though early corona viruses were discovered in 1960’s in chickens and two cases were reported with the presence of corona in nasal cavities of human patients with common cold, the massive outbreak of these viruses alarmed the world in November 2002 in China for the first time.  It was identified and named SARS-CoV (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus) in February 2003.   It spread over 24 countries with 8098 victims and 774 deaths were reported.  It mostly affected the upper respiratory system.  The World Health Organisation declared SARS was contained on July 09, 2003.  The containment was possible by isolating and quarantining the affected people from other exposures.  

After a decade, again in 2012 in Saudi Arabia Corona virus was identified as MERS-CoV, i.e. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus.  It also had a wide range of spread from its epicentre over 27 countries.   Approximately 35% of reported patients with this   infection died.  Like SARS, MERS too caused more severe diseases in older people and people with weakened immunity.  It first affected the respiratory tract, then the lungs causing pneumonia followed by liver failure.  In few cases the disease led to kidney failure due to acute dehydration.

Since December 31, 2019 an intense form of Corona which spread from an illegal wildlife meat intake has taken many lives by now.  It is named n-CoV (novel Corona Virus).  It is already widespread with the same symptoms of SARS and MERS types but with a difference of spreading faster.  Conclusively it is far severe and life threatening.

doctor treating a coronavirus patient dies from virus

Who is Mr Agasthiya and how is he related to the threatening corona virus. He is one among the 18 important Tamil siddhars (sidhhars are those who have attained perfection in yogic practices to ultimately reach the state of immortality). He was a revered sage of vedic age.  Tamil medicine or the siddha medicine is the most ancient of all medical systems dating back B.C 10,000 and B.C 4000. According to siddha system a human body is composed of 96 tattvas or basic principles. These principles never differentiated human from this universe. “Man is microcosm and the universe is macrocosm”, it states. It then quotes “unave marunthu” which literally means ‘food itself is medicine’. Medicine in this system included every kind of herb. Regarding diseases, it says 4448 diseases can be caused due to the derangement of three humours in human body namely vatha, pitha and kabha (Vatha comprises air and space, Pitha comprises fire and water, and Kabha comprises water and earth.)


Coming to Mr Agasthiya, he examined everything about human body, its possible diseases and their medicines. In his literary work he utters the following.

சர்ப்பமுண்டு சர்வநோயுண்டு

கர்ப்பமறியா கன்னியும்

வாயு பகவான் பகைகொண்டு

பித்தம் சித்தம் சிதைகொள்வாள்

This literally means when intaking a type of snake, a virgin woman she who has the highest immunity will also be subjected to respiratory diseases and will die due to liver disorders. SARS, MERS and n-CoV all the three are confirmed as zoonotic diseases, i.e. they spread from animals. SARS was spread from small mammals, MERS from dormitory camels and n-CoV from wild snakes.

A siddha doctor from chennai has claimed a medicine for this menacing Corona. The siddha system of medicines has cure for all those possible 4448 diseases without side effects.

Dr. Thanikasalam claimed that he has found out a medicinal herb which cured viral fever, liver failure and multi organ failure. But no officials from anywhere tried to make use of his drugs yet.

you are what you eat

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