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In the world of technological advancements and artificial environment, amidst the smartphones and social apps, you abuse your own wonderful effortless opportunity to live but try to achieve, succeed, invent, accomplish and die. So that you can be remembered in your death anniversaries for ever or for a period. If you don’t own a standard income or a business or authority or finance or properties or at least a two wheeler, this society will flip you from its considerations. Since you are trained in such a way that you must seek attention from the people or the community around you or from the society, you are supposed to thrive to gain it. In the process of thriving, you will lose half your life and the other half on sleep. And at the end of the day, when you look at your life, there could be hundreds of your milestones of success and failures near other people’s milestones. But you know, you cannot feel contented with what you own. Really. You can celebrate what you owe and you can spend it but you cannot feel contented.

Happiness, joy, pleasures, laughters etc., are just one of the many ways to pass your lifetime in a carefree way. Being happy doesn’t mean being contented. Contentment is the mere nature of being. Have you ever accepted your characters ? Behaviours ? Have you ever accepted and felt satisfied with what you got? ‘What you got’ doesn’t mean any of your possessions but what you actually got in your thoughts and perceptions. Do you really think that you are perceiving things in its simplest form ? Is there anyone for you who can stop his or her busy schedule just to listen your meaningless blabbering ? Have you ever gratified god or nature or yourself for this wonderful experience of life through vision, audition and senses ? Have you ever stopped your busy work just to chill with your wife or hubby ? Do you aware of the contentment of being mentally nude?

At least remember that your breathe stops at any time. Your life has an unexpected end and is unpredictable. Wear a smile of satisfaction.

Die like a sunset.

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