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You might have hundreds of ambitions and many excitements unless maturity knocks the door of your thought room. From then, you have started limiting your desires and even thoughts. Because, you are knowing the reality and certainly the economy of your life. That’s when, all of a sudden simple things which made you laughter and crazy become a juvenile stuff. People around you will try to make you believe you as an adolescent. It would be the crucial phase change of your lifetime.

You cannot smile at demise. You cannot cry for little things. You cannot say even a no at many situations. You cannot do things as you wanted to do. Particularly, you cannot fart in public.

Adolescence is a fortune that many kids fail to experience. Somehow, you got that opportunity to enjoy it. Why it’s a fortune? Because, firstly you may getting to know what your dad did to your mom which made you to born. This stage is the preface of the next chapters of your life. You do parties. You feel strong. You feel energetic. You feel aimless. You love orgasms. You get drunk. You may study. You may find your nth life partner. You will start perceiving the reality of the world and truth of life. You conclude everything is meaningless but you never loss interest on sex. In the storm of desires, excitement, sex, aesthetics, drugs, entertainments, gossips, love, friendship, career, higher studies and even suicide, you survive and start your life as a real matured person. And so, adolescence is an experience of over exaggerated perception of silly things which elevates your understanding of life towards higher dimensions and make you a matured.

You won’t agree this unless you are matured.

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