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In the field of corrupted reality which was later named as society, you are hunting for a well settled life. Right? So you can be a successful person too. This planet has a society of people where authority and wealth have the most predominant features than anything. And so, you are aspiring for these two components to enjoy the ascendancy. Out of the various ways to get money, you may choose one or more ways depends on your skill and ability. From that particular way, you may start your career which will be a money yielding source for the rest of your life. Being a social animal, we can only circulate money and arms for a better economy. So, a part of society will suffer and die. And, we talk about humanity and peace. In an earth full of resources, we are just users. The problem is, some may use but many may exploit.

Being a successful person in such kind of society is not an easy way of life. You have to handle and tackle n bullshits and n+1 muthafuckas. And the interesting thing is, you too will be a bullshit or muthafukar in some other’s life. In another perception, life is simple and finite but an unguessable path towards death. Life at times proves us data analytics is wrong. Life betrays you. Life may bend you down and fist you up with the toughest situations. Life fucks you all in every possible and different positions. All you can do is, enjoying each and every thrusts by resisting the pain. You know what, nothing here lasts long in sex. Life too! At the end, you will be given a series of vision blurring orgasm. Just be patient and await for the life to ejaculate. Resist! Your patience shows your wisdom – Shakespeare.

First passage may convey you that materialistic management is a dump asshole. But unfortunately you are in the rat race! The term economy means to manage. So, a good economist will manage both the material world and the peace for himself.

You born for no purpose ! you die for nothing !

Are you there ? Who cares ??

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