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An inevident existence of anything across the universe is just the less probability to be an non-existent. A sudden burst caused everything? or Mr. God designed it with the help of himself?. I guess, it’s just the randomness of something which operates with certain operating system and indescribable programming feature.

Somehow we are here as humans who are fighting for rights as well as struggling for money against ourselves. However, it would be the greatest foolishness that any kinda species have ever made across the universe, as far i know. We claim the victory of doing it since the civilization happened. Irrationality, misconception, illogicality, being covet etc., are the components of the nucleus of our society atom. I am not saying that science is god.., science is bastard #&*##.., and all. Nor I advocate for religious conceptions. But to all those grateful minds who are reading this, let us spread peace not confusions and debates.

Apart from gender, race, nationality and all other identities which have been given us by our so called forefathers, let’s join together and look forward towards the infinite space with passionately curious mind and innocent love pumping heart.

With nothing, shankar.

One comment on “Be at ease : Spread peace

  1. sita says:

    unite should be spread-ed infinitely with love


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