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Once upon a time in nowhere, there was no time at all. It is predicted to be there was nothing exist at no time. With no clue, the reality of observable universe is being existed in randomness. The source of abundant entropy and the clock of infinite time are the key features of the magical and mystifying concepts of universe, which lead to thousands of conjectures. The unexplainable behavior of eternality is unexplainable because it is not understandable. In the nude space of unsticky dark gel, things are floating like sparkling dusts. The unobservable part of the existence will be a wonderous mystery as the observable universe is out of understanding.

In the endless curvature of creation, there is you in the womb of gravity to experience it.

Experience it !

The probability of getting the most sophisticated tool to experience the indescribable architecture of this existence is too low. It seems manhood is one of those sophisticated tools which is wholly misused. Space and time are allowing you to function to experience their vastness. The whole you is unique and rare.

Experience it in the way it is !

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