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A long long time ago there was a space called nothing. Suddenly something happened and so everything replaced nothing. Whats that something? I have no idea about it. But it can be anything. Everything has no idea about why it had to be in place of nothing. But everything has never stopped examining where is nothing. Everything started searching the way to reach nothing in its own way.

In layman’s language,
an egg>larva>pupa>butterfly
What’s the cause of egg to evolve itself to larva?
Is egg aware of that it is gonna be a fly?

Stellar nebula>super red giant>red giant>blackhole
Are stars aware that they are stars ? And they do emit something ? They ‘ll be a black hole or dwarfs? Are stars aware of it?

So everything is doing something to find the unguessable nothing respective of its own strength.

A sad irony is, we people as one of the common creatures in this magical island are failing to strive for nothing but surviving from everything.

Reread. Do something. Find nothing.

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