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Logically, you can never stay at any moment. Each second, you are moving on to the next pages of your life. But what makes you hold or stick to few particular moments that happened to you?
Once you experience anything at a moment, that is over. You can’t experience it in the same way again but all you could do is rewind it over and over, play and experience it in your mind…as thoughts…
So who is responsible now ?
Who is stopping you to think about present?
Who is pulling you to the past which is just a memory in your mind?
When you already moved on from all the experiences you had in the past without any efforts. Why the shit you are letting your mind to stick to the past and sobbing hell?

Mentally, being at present gives you blissgasm every second till you die. Breakup, failure, loss, grief, guilt or’s over. IT IS OVER.

Where are you now ? Be there. Be there with all your senses.

You are so far from that incident happened on that day. You know, each second it’s getting so far from you.

Let blissgasm makes you a bliss addict.

Master yourself. Be at present. Blisseluia ♡

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