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Decisions you decide will decide your fate. So, indirectly you are designing your fate. But you will blame that your fate determines your decisions.

You decided to choose this page to read?
Fate made you to choose ?

I believe, none may say fate.

You are responsible for what you do, right? So, no more blame. Likely, regret is the most awkward feel one can ever feel. Probably, acceptance is the easy cure for it. Acceptance will make wonders, believe.
You are writing your life script. You are making it. You are acting live. So you must accept it. I’m not asking to accept some one’s script but your own.
But you could be little more concerned on what your script has to contain. Everyone is a designer but most of us will urge to the grave without realizing it.

Next time before making a decision :
1. Consider your self.
2. Predict the effects.
3. Make sure you can handle or accept whatever the results.
4. Decide well or accept any.

Live before you die. Remember, live. Accept and seek what’s next. Remember, accept.

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