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Hope you are breathing less polluted air. Fine!

The way everything processes has its own intrinsic in-built intelligence which would be the simplest thing that this existence can do just like that. Then i am just imagining with this simple mind i got “What would be the creation of this natural intelligence where its full potential get saturated? Heavens or hells? Those scriptures’ defined fantasies? However this simple mind couldn’t get anything but nothing. What’s out there? Which is instructing everything? How and why its happening? are few of the many questions raise in my simple mind when I used to be leisure. These questions have no answers but many interpretations which aren’t quite clear or reasonable. See this simple mind can decide whether to accept an interpretation or to deny its fallacy, wonderful right?

I am just remembering that thought provoking quote of a chinese philosopher Chuang tzu’s dream in which he introduced a newer dimension to the thoughts that this simple mind can generate.
“One fine day, he slept and dreamt himself as a butterfly which was happily fluttering flower to flower and suddenly when he awoke he felt chuang tzu again, then he thought that whether he was him dreaming as a butterfly or he was a butterfly that had been dreaming him”.

Knowledge can be uncertain but not the consciousness. Now, what is consciousness? Being aware of one? Being a watch dog for oneself? Parameters that affect minds’ consistency are millions in the list but consciousness may be the only factor which can recognise the mind’s inconsistency and reform it again as simple it was in the beginning.

‘Recognising the purity in all forms without distorting the way it is’ is the beginning of acceptance. Embracing the acceptance is the beginning of recognising the natural intelligence in us. Knowledge is a fact based approach by the intellectual property of mind but consciousness is the nothing based approach by the mind in its simplest form.

Eat nutritious. Drink pure. Kiss the soil.

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One comment on “Consciously exist : Happily die

  1. shailu says:

    Happily die was good to read can we get more about self love from your point of view

    Liked by 1 person

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