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Hope you are happy for you are alive. Well.

Everything which is the successor of nothing has its artificially entitled dual nature. One who perceives anything approximately as natural it is, can taste the quirky newness of even-handed nature. But claiming the existence of anything else’s dual nature is where we people fail to understand the indescribable nature of nature.

For instance: Take two men, one is a giver and other is a miser. Probably we claim Mr. Giver as good and badass miser as inhuman. Now assume that there is no concept of niggard prevailing anywhere on earth, so we claim a person who gives comparatively more amount than another is good and the one who gives less amount than the good is a sinner.

This characteristic of mind which is also a sub category of the intellectual property of mind can be named as dual conclusions for a single subject from an illogical or logical comparison.
We see anything as we tend to compare it with a related or unrelated conception and claim its duality. Take a minute. Think. Dual nature is the greatest fallacy than the concept of god on earth in the history. Somehow, we used to it. Unbiased society with a motto of perpetual pursuit of unguessable definition of nature will be a blissful aid for human kind.

More ironically, mind itself has no nature but pretends like it has. Yeah! Mind’s self supervisory is just an illusion. Very fundamentally, mind has no nature of its own. Its just we are programming its efficacy. Interesting thing is, mind can be tuned anytime as anything but we are not sure of finding a respective capacitor and tune it.

Be calm as well as be awake atleast one hour a day.
Each breath counts. Never spend it on thinking about miseries.

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One comment on “Idiosyncratic existence

  1. abc says:

    nice, so interesting 🙂
    well done, in selecting the topic liked them


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