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Your self

  • Take a shower (alone).
  • Think nothing.
  • Focus your senses towards the flow of water.
  • Hear it, feel it, taste it.
  • As your eyes are closed, you are seeing darkness.
  • Be in that dark theme water world for a moment.
  • Just be in that moment.

I am inefficient to exactly describe that moment. But that is called being. That’s your self. Being aware of one’s being. Recognising one’s own being. That’s where self companion begins.

The most comfortable companion of you is your self.

Mostly, you are lacking your self. But your self has been there for you at every situation. Are you atleast aware of the self? The more you spend time with your self, the more you become contented.

  • Nourish your self.
  • Forgive your self.
  • Hug your self and never loss the grip.
  • Gratify your self.
  • Upgrade yourself.

All your decisions and efforts may elevate your self. Be with your self at all time and beware of letting others harm your self. Never take anything personal. Only your self is your personal. Help others to be aware of their selves. Live and enjoy every possibility of peace and sprinkle it where ever you step. Leave arrogance, ego, anger, covet, sadness and all unpleasant miseries now. You are just one of the diminutive being which has an unique physique and a vast mind in a clueless space. Your time ends at anytime. Refresh your life now with your self. Go. Take a shower. Let all the impure thoughts and peace-sucking miseries dissolve with the water. Smile✌

With love, my self !

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One comment on “How to live for you?

  1. abc says:

    “love yourself the way your and keep on smiling:) is the best way too get positive”.
    saakar, i liked the way u have represented a picture which says many things:)


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