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Each second of your life depends on the choices you made in the last few seconds. Who offers you choices? God’s wish/Free will/Determinism whatever it may be..

Your choices determine your destiny. When you make a choice, unknowingly you are designing your consecutive consequences. That’s how space-time frame allows us to function. Three parameters that play major role in our day to day life which we unaware of :


Find a calm place to sit around in peace. Stop thinking anything. Now evaluate What are you so far? Whats the prime requirement of your life at present? Home, Food, Money, Business, Studies, Fitness, Kids, Promotion, Job, Love, Sex or Peace… Whatever. Decide the most necessary need. Be sure of it. Its not a goal or task, got it? Its your need like air. You will suffocate in its absence. You gonna starve for it. You gonna hunt it. You are a predator now. That’s it.


With respect to the need you have chosen, think about the various ways to collar it. Your efforts are directly proportional to the consequences you face. The most beautiful thing is ‘you will face the hell of consequences for your undone efforts.’ For instance, Imagine you are crossing a busy highway. A truck is heading towards you. That moment when you aware of it, you are supposed to take an effort to save your head. If your need is to be alive and your effort is smart, then the consequence you face is life. Otherwise, either dead or coma or blood sauce. Be aware of each and every way to grab your need. Prioritize the ways according to the highest possibility to achieve. Do. Go ahead.


Depends on your efforts which have been done and undone, you gonna face the consequences now. Whatever the consequences, either victory or failure. Don’t cherish or low-spirited of it. Its just the result of your efforts. If you are good at handling efforts, consequence is not a big treat for you. Experience the consequence as you float on it but never sink in it. If its a victory, you gotta find a calm place to sit around in peace to decide the next need. If its a failure, you gotta change the way to attain it. Simple !

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